What Is Feline Tooth Resorption?


Whether you painstakingly brush your kitty's teeth everyday or just once in a while, it might surprise you to learn that there's a dental disorder that can strike any cat, regardless of dental hygiene. This problem is called tooth resorption and your kitty could potentially be at risk of developing it. Read on to learn more about this condition, why it happens, and what the treatment is. What It Is

28 December 2017

3 Pro Tips For Boarding Your Special Needs Cat


If your cat has a medical condition that requires daily care, you might be worried about the prospect of boarding your kitty. The good news is, most animal boarding facilities are well prepared for taking care of pets with special needs. Even so, there are some tips you can follow that will help to ensure your kitty's well-being while keeping your expenses low. Here are three ideas you should employ when you want to board your special needs cat.

30 November 2017

Fixing & Vaccinating Dogs: Two of the Best Things You Can Do For Their Health & Well-Being


When you get a dog, you'll have a lot of things to do to care for them. You'll need to get them quality food, make sure they have all the supplies they need including chew toys, you'll want to train them and you'll also want to make sure they are kept healthy. Two of the biggest things that you can do to help keep your dog as healthy as they can be is to make sure they are always currently vaccinated and to have them fixed.

8 November 2017

4 Fast Facts To Know About Hip Dysplasia In Dogs


Feeding, training, and regular visits to the veterinarian will help your dog live a healthy and happy life. Unfortunately, some dog breeds are prone to conditions that affect their comfort and ability to move. Hip dysplasia can affect all types of dogs, but some breeds, such as German shepherds, are predisposed to the condition. Using this guide, you will learn a few fast facts regarding this painful condition in dogs.

19 October 2017

What To Expect After Your Cat Has Been Spayed


Getting your cat fixed is a responsible thing to do, but many pet parents don't consider what it will be like after the process is done. While male cats can typically bounce back from being neutered fairly quickly, female cats often take a bit longer. This is because female cats have a deeper incision made than males. If you're not sure what to expect when your female cat's spaying is complete, keep reading:

4 September 2017

Is Your Dog Passing Rice Or Tapeworms?


Parasites are an unfortunate thing that dog owners have to manage. When their pup ends up with tapeworms, a trip to the vet is probably not far behind. Unfortunately, the easiest way to gauge this situation is by examining a dog's droppings, a situation that can be complicated by a rice-heavy diet. Tapeworms Look Like Rice The problematic thing about tapeworms is that they typically don't cause a dog to show any symptoms of illness.

23 August 2017

Three Ways To Make Life Easier On Your Elderly Dog


Older dogs can live healthily and happily, but they often require a bit more care and attention from their owners than do younger dogs. If your dog is 10 or older, there are a few things you should start doing in order to enhance their comfort and make life easier on them. Here are some examples. Give them a joint supplement. Almost all elderly dogs have some degree of arthritis, which makes it painful for them to walk.

27 July 2017

6 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Summer


Warm weather can bring a lot of joy to your dog, but it can also bring danger. It's important to make sure your pooch stays cool while out in the hot sun. Keep a close eye on your dog and don't let him stay out in the heat too long. Here are six helpful tips for keeping your dog safe during the summer:  Protect His Paws The sidewalk can get very hot when the temperatures are scorching.

28 June 2017

Four Ways To Protect Your Puppy From Fleas


One of the most disheartening sights for a pet owner is watching a dog nip and scratch due to a flea infestation. However, this sight is even more discouraging if you own a puppy that is too young for conventional flea medications. Though recommendations vary from product to product, many conventional flea products are not recommended for puppies who are 14 weeks of age or younger. Check out these tips to combat your puppy's flea infestation.

21 June 2017

Three Steps To Caring For Your Dog's Teeth


Just like people need to take care of their teeth in order to prevent decay and gum disease, a dog's teeth require the same care. Unfortunately, they can't tend to their dental needs themselves. A good pet owner will take the necessary steps to help keep their dog's teeth healthy and clean. Here are things you can do at home in between veterinarian dental visits. Brush Their Teeth Your dog's teeth get a plaque and tartar build-up just as yours do, and if it is allowed to accumulate, it can lead to periodontal gum disease and carries, or cavities as laymen call them.

7 May 2017