What To Expect After Your Cat Has Been Spayed


Getting your cat fixed is a responsible thing to do, but many pet parents don't consider what it will be like after the process is done. While male cats can typically bounce back from being neutered fairly quickly, female cats often take a bit longer. This is because female cats have a deeper incision made than males. If you're not sure what to expect when your female cat's spaying is complete, keep reading:

Coming Off The Anesthetic

When you bring your cat home from the pet hospital, they may still be under the effects of the anesthetic. Your kitty could be a bit loopy for a while and unsteady on their feet. They may also be extremely sleepy.

During this time, try to prevent your cat from jumping. They may miscalculate the landing and get hurt in the process. In addition, you shouldn't try to play with your cat while they're recovering from surgery.

Lastly, your vet may recommend preventing your cat from eating for a few hours after they come home. This is to prevent vomiting, so follow their directions closely.

Recovery Process

Female cats need a bit of time to recover from their surgery. If at all possible, prep a place for them to rest comfortably without being disturbed before they come home. Setting it up in a location where they like to rest anywhere is a good idea.

Most cats won't require any wound care from you, nor any special medication. However, you should plan on keeping an eye on the incisions for a few days. If you notice any redness, warmth, bleeding, or pus, contact your veterinarian immediately. This may indicate that an infection is developing and your cat could need medical attention.

Hormonal Shifts

Lastly, if your cat was in heat when she was spayed, you may need to isolate her for a while. Female cats can sometimes still emit hormones that attract male cats for a while after being spayed. It's a good idea to limit their interactions with male cats during their recovery. Never leave a female cat alone with an unneutered male following a spaying surgery. If the male cat mounts the female cat, they could potentially cause an injury or open the incision.

Your female cat will be back to her normal self very soon so long as you follow this advice and any tips from your veterinarian. If in doubt, contact a vet office like Pitts Veterinary Hospital PC for additional support.


4 September 2017

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