3 Pro Tips For Boarding Your Special Needs Cat


If your cat has a medical condition that requires daily care, you might be worried about the prospect of boarding your kitty. The good news is, most animal boarding facilities are well prepared for taking care of pets with special needs. Even so, there are some tips you can follow that will help to ensure your kitty's well-being while keeping your expenses low. Here are three ideas you should employ when you want to board your special needs cat.

Set Up an Appointment

Most animal boarding facilities allow you to simply schedule when you want your cat to stay with them. However, you should plan on setting up an appointment with the manager or owner of the facility first.

Making an appointment allows you to fully prepare the owner for what it is your cat needs and what their medical condition entails. By letting them know ahead of time, they can make sure that they have a veterinary technician or another trained animal assistant available during your cat's stay when they need to have medication or treatments administered. It will also allow you to ask any questions you may have which can ease your concerns.

Order Extra Medical Supplies

In an emergency, most boarding facilities will be able to acquire extra prescription medications for your cat. However, it's a good idea to bring enough medication with you when you drop off your cat to get through your cat's entire stay and then some.

Bringing your own medication will help you to save money. By providing your own meds, the boarding facility won't have to have a veterinarian come in to examine your cat in order to legally prescribe a new batch of medication. This can not only take time but it typically cost more, since the boarding facility will need to pay the vet for coming in.

Contact Veterinarian

Lastly, make sure to contact your regular veterinarian prior to leaving on your trip. Let them know the dates you'll be gone and where your cat will be staying for that time. Give your veterinarian authorization to share information regarding your cat's health to the staff at the animal boarding facility. This will allow the two to share information if anything happens while you're away, which will speed up care and treatment for your cat should their medical condition change.

Boarding a cat is the best way to ensure that your kitty will be safe and sound. Begin the process right away by setting up an appointment with a pet boarding service today.


30 November 2017

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