Is Your Dog Passing Rice Or Tapeworms?


Parasites are an unfortunate thing that dog owners have to manage. When their pup ends up with tapeworms, a trip to the vet is probably not far behind. Unfortunately, the easiest way to gauge this situation is by examining a dog's droppings, a situation that can be complicated by a rice-heavy diet.

Tapeworms Look Like Rice

The problematic thing about tapeworms is that they typically don't cause a dog to show any symptoms of illness. They simply attach themselves to the dog's digestive tract and steal their food. While some symptoms of lethargy and excessive hungriness may occur, the most likely sign is the occurrence of tapeworm eggs or larvae in a dog's fecal matter.

These small bits of fecal matter are tiny, white, and look almost exactly like rice. Typically, this should be a good symptom that a dog is suffering from this problem. However, a dog that eats rice may be passing this food and confusing the situation.

Telling The Difference

Many types of dog food, particularly homemade types, have rice in it. When this happens, a dog's fecal matter is likely to be rich with rice. However, it is important to know how to tell rice from tapeworms. This process is something that any dog owner can do at home.

The easiest way to tell if a dog's dropping has rice or tapeworms is to inspect it very closely. While this may not be pleasant, it is very important. Tapeworms will move very slowly across the dog's fecal matter and may even appear around their anal cavity. These worms will very small and wiggle in a natural and unpleasant way.

Deworming Medications Can Help

When a dog suffers from tapeworms, it is possible to manage this situation by first getting a fecal test. This test gauges whether or not they are suffering from other types of serious parasitic infections. Once these pests have been ruled out, a good veterinarian will provide the dog with a deworming medicine that kills the tapeworms and flushes them out of the body.

It is also important to take the time to perform proper flea control on the dog. Fleas often spread tapeworm infections to dogs. A flea bath should eliminate these pests from the pup. However, it is also important to remove their bedding, clean them, or simply throw them away. In this way, it is possible to protect the dog from fleas and tapeworms.

If more serious problems occur as a result of tapeworm infection, call a veterinarian right away. These specialists will find a treatment that helps eliminate this danger for good. For more information, contact a business such as Apple Valley Animal Hospital.


23 August 2017

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