6 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Summer


Warm weather can bring a lot of joy to your dog, but it can also bring danger. It's important to make sure your pooch stays cool while out in the hot sun. Keep a close eye on your dog and don't let him stay out in the heat too long. Here are six helpful tips for keeping your dog safe during the summer:  Protect His Paws The sidewalk can get very hot when the temperatures are scorching.

28 June 2017

Four Ways To Protect Your Puppy From Fleas


One of the most disheartening sights for a pet owner is watching a dog nip and scratch due to a flea infestation. However, this sight is even more discouraging if you own a puppy that is too young for conventional flea medications. Though recommendations vary from product to product, many conventional flea products are not recommended for puppies who are 14 weeks of age or younger. Check out these tips to combat your puppy's flea infestation.

21 June 2017

Three Steps To Caring For Your Dog's Teeth


Just like people need to take care of their teeth in order to prevent decay and gum disease, a dog's teeth require the same care. Unfortunately, they can't tend to their dental needs themselves. A good pet owner will take the necessary steps to help keep their dog's teeth healthy and clean. Here are things you can do at home in between veterinarian dental visits. Brush Their Teeth Your dog's teeth get a plaque and tartar build-up just as yours do, and if it is allowed to accumulate, it can lead to periodontal gum disease and carries, or cavities as laymen call them.

7 May 2017

The Warning Signs of Feline Hypertension


Although cats don't generally consume a high sodium diet like humans often do, cats can still get high blood pressure. Long-term high blood pressure can cause serious health problems for cats, including blindness, so it's important for pet parents to be aware of potential symptoms of this disorder. Read on to learn what these symptoms are and what you should do if you detect them.  Restlessness Cats typically sleep 15 hours a day, sometimes more than that.

25 April 2017

How To See Inside Your Pet: Machines That Can Help


Seeing inside your pet when your pet does not feel well is not so easy, especially if you are a veterinarian or vet technician who loves your pets and you do not want to find anything really wrong with your pets.. It requires some very special machines. If you are serious about it, and serious about being proactive about your pet's health, you can buy used versions of these machines and keep a close watch on your pet's internal health at home.

3 April 2017

Signs Your Dog May Have Dental Problems


Dogs use many different strategies to communicate with us, but they can't always figure out how to tell us when they are in pain. In some cases, dogs may even hide their pain. This can be especially true when it comes to a toothache. The following are signs that your dog may be suffering dental distress. Symptom #1: Difficulty eating There is one time when a dog can't easily mask their discomfort – when eating.

16 March 2017

2 Things To Expect When You Take Your Dog To The Veterinarian To Get Spayed


When you take your dog into the veterinarian to be spayed, you may not be sure exactly what you should expect. This can make the procedure scarier than it needs to be, especially since it is very routine and is likely a procedure that your dog's veterinarian performs several times each week. This article is going to discuss 2 things that you can expect when you take your dog into the veterinarian to get spayed.

8 March 2017