Steer Clear Of Strangles: Understanding Equine Distemper


Strangles (equine distemper) is a serious respiratory illness that can threaten the life of your horse. It is caused by a strain of strep bacteria known as streptococcus equi. Because it is highly contagious to other horses and spreads quickly, you need to learn to recognize the disease and practice basic prevention to keep infections from spreading during an outbreak.  Symptoms And Prognosis When the strangles illness sets in, it causes an overproduction of mucous in the respiratory tract, and the lymph nodes in the neck swell.

18 March 2016

5 Valentine's Day Hazards to Keep Away From Your Canine


For couples, Valentine's Day is a romantic time to celebrate your love for each other. During the celebration, it may be tempting to include your dog, but some precautions should be taken. While you can still have fun and celebrate the holiday, there are a lot of special Valentine's day treats that could leave your cainine at the vet clinic for the night. As you plan various festivities, keep the following five Valentine's Day hazards in mind.

26 January 2016

3 Alternative Health Treatments That Can Help With Your Pet's Pain, Illnesses, or Stress


Making sure that your dog or cat receives regular checkups and vaccinations at the veterinarian's office is absolutely important. However, if you're looking to reduce your pet's stress, minimize pain, or treat chronic illnesses, give these three alternative treatments a try. Acupuncture Acupuncture is starting to become a common sight at many veterinarians' offices. Acupuncture has to either be performed by a veterinarian or under a veterinarian's supervision, so talk to your vet to see if they offer an acupuncture program for pets.

30 July 2015