Three Common Veterinarian Services That You Should Get Done On A Yearly Basis


Your local vet offers a lot of different, quite helpful services that keep your pet feeling good and staying healthy for the oncoming twelve months, which is why it is important that you always have at least one appointment with the vet every year. Some pets need a lot more attention than that, but for most, a yearly check-up can be enough for your vet to perform some vital service that reduces the risk of disease and discomfort that your pet might face. Here are three of those veterinarian services your pet needs to stay in good health for the foreseeable future.

Pet Vaccinations

You might not realize this, but your pet needs vaccinations too, just like you. They keep them safe from seasonal viruses but also, if your pet hasn't been inoculated against some of the major endemic issues then they need to be kept safe from them too. As part of veterinarian services, pet vaccinations go a long way to preventing these viruses that can otherwise completely ruin your pet's life in a matter of days, so do not take this lightly. The side effects of these vaccines are low and they can be done in a single visit so don't underestimate their importance!

Teeth Examination 

Your pet's veterinarian will often act as a dentist as well, and it is very important that their teeth get inspected to look for issues with structural integrity and potential rotting or damaged teeth. Your pet's teeth are much more important to them than you, for they likely use their teeth as kind of like an arm, in that they will pick things up, move them, scratch themselves with it and even, of course, eat with them. Making sure their teeth are in good order and prescribing them some medication if they are not is an important part of a yearly check-up.

Eyes And Ears

Due to the fact that your pet cannot communicate with you that easily or precisely, it is important that they get an overall check-up so that a professional can tell if their main senses are deteriorating or not. While you yourself can monitor whether your pet is eating correctly or if it walks strangely, your pet's eyes and ears can remain a bit of a mystery to you as to whether they are functioning right.

A veterinarian will be able to offer some insight into how your pet sees this world and whether or not they need more attention in this area. Stopping health conditions in this area before they become bigger is important to keep your pet happy and healthy. 


30 September 2022

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