How To See Inside Your Pet: Machines That Can Help


Seeing inside your pet when your pet does not feel well is not so easy, especially if you are a veterinarian or vet technician who loves your pets and you do not want to find anything really wrong with your pets.. It requires some very special machines. If you are serious about it, and serious about being proactive about your pet's health, you can buy used versions of these machines and keep a close watch on your pet's internal health at home. Here are some used veterinary machines you could purchase as a veterinarian or vet technician to use at home (if you have the space for them).

Buy Veterinary Digital X Ray Machines

Veterinary digital X-ray machines produce x-ray images that are then transferred to a laptop or computer. It usually eliminates the need to take an x-ray and then scan it to enter it into a digital patient file on the computer. It also makes the machine a lot easier to use. The instruction manual for these machines reads in a very straightforward manner, so that vet technicians could even use the machines. That said, if you were serious about investing in one of these, you could (and probably would) find it very easy to use.

Buy Veterinary Ultrasound Systems

Veterinary ultrasound systems help vets see into and through soft tissues. It is like an x-ray for organs and muscles, something you would not be able to see much of on an x-ray. When you need to see problems with soft tissues and organs, it is better to use an ultrasound machine. These machines are also useful if you are breeding your pet and want to see if the mother is pregnant. Many veterinary ultrasound systems are also lightweight and portable, which means you can store them anywhere in your home until you need it.

Veterinary Digital Microscopes for Sale

A lot of things that can affect the health of your pet are microscopic.  Using a microscope, you can identify dozens of parasites and bacteria inside your pet. Then having a veterinary microscope can also help you keep abreast of your pet's health. Preparing slides of fecal matter and viewing them with the microscope can help you determine if your pet has parasites (e.g., worms) or a bacteria that is affecting his/her gut/digestion.

While these microscopes are a little heavy, they do come with their own carrying and storage case. The case can help you keep the microscope safe until you need to pull it out and use it. Be sure to buy extra supplies and equipment to use with the microscope you keep at home.


3 April 2017

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