2 Things To Expect When You Take Your Dog To The Veterinarian To Get Spayed


When you take your dog into the veterinarian to be spayed, you may not be sure exactly what you should expect. This can make the procedure scarier than it needs to be, especially since it is very routine and is likely a procedure that your dog's veterinarian performs several times each week. This article is going to discuss 2 things that you can expect when you take your dog into the veterinarian to get spayed. 

Your Dog Will Likely Be There All Day 

When you take your dog into the veterinarian to be spayed, you can generally expect them to stay at the animal hospital all day long. Most veterinarians like to perform all of the spay and neuter surgeries that they have on the schedule, first thing in the morning. This is going to allow them to ensure that they get all of the procedures done, and then have the rest of the day to monitor the animals. Your dog will be but in a safety cone so that they don't touch their surgical site. They will then be put in a comfortable bed that is located safely inside of a crate. It is here that they will be able to rest as they wake up from surgery. It is also going to give the veterinarian, and veterinary assistants, the opportunity to watch your dog to ensure that they are recovering well from their procedure. Once your dog is fully coherent, and it is deemed that they are safe to leave, they will call you and let you come and pick them up. 

You Will Be Given Post-Operative Care Instructions 

Just because your dog is ready to come home, doesn't mean that they aren't still in need of special care. When you go into the animal hospital to pick up your dog, the veterinarian is going to discuss with you exactly what this post-operative care entails. You will likely be required watch your dog very closely for the first night and second day, to ensure that they don't accidentally bump into things or fall down, due to their groggy state. You may also be required to pick up and give pain medicine to your dog to help them deal with the pain of the procedure. As the days pass, it will also be your responsibility to keep the wound site clean, make sure that your dog doesn't touch it, and either schedule to have the stitches removed or remove them yourself. 

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8 March 2017

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